501 Ultra-Temp Lubricant

User Benefits:

  • Protection to 1400° F

  • No Oil Separation

  • Non-Melting

  • Less Lubrication

  • Reduced Maintainence

  • Less Down-Time

  • Increases Production

  • Distinctive Color

MSDS Sheet can be printed/viewed here


This Picture Look Familiar?

This Picture Look Familiar

Maintenance people know all too well the difficult problems associated with maintaining hot metal processing and recycling equipment. Keeping pins and bushings lubricated in equipment pictured above and in bucket loaders is a daunting task. Changing them is costly as well as time consuming. The cost can be well over $1000 per pin and bushing, which doesn’t cover the labor and downtime. Steelco #501 Ultra-Temp Lubricant is a third-generation lubricant that will stay in these pins and bushings, saving thousands of dollars. That means more equipment on the job and less time in your shop. If that heightens your interest, please call 800-344-7204 or click on a container below to purchase online.

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